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Customer Support

Customer Service Center

Our Customer Service Centre is happy to support you in the following areas:

  • Planning and design support for your new temperature control or cooling unit.
  • On-site services: Maintenance and service Work on your temperature control or cooling unit.*
  • Initial commissioning of your device.
  • Training of your maintenance staff in the area of equipment maintenance.
  • Technical support for questions.
  • Maintenance contract for your equipment.
  • Technical documentation and operating instructions.

We are happy to support our dealers and partners:

  • Training aids and documents
  • Sales Support Services
  • After Sales Services
  • Marketing Support
  • Trade Show Support

*Important note:
Some of our services are only offered for the Swiss market. Most of our repair services are also offered directly by our Tool-Temp country subsidiaries. Please ask your local contact for the current offer.

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The file name must not contain umlauts, special characters and word spacing!

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