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Maintenance and revision work

Are you looking for maintenance and revision work on your temperature control and cooling units within a defined time window?

Clear technical clarification – our approach
If your needs are more extensive, our Customer Service Centre would be happy to provide you with an on-site consultation as a first step. Information relating to the overhauling of individual units can be exchanged over the telephone or by email. If your query is simple with a clearly defined scope, we will be able to send you a quote promptly.

Production facilities renovation: Inventory – Analysis – Revision by Tool-Temp
For complex facilities and whole industry renovations, one of the services we offer is a survey and in-depth technical evaluation, analysis with subsequent recommended courses of action (rep. / overhaul and/or replacement). These planning and project evaluations and the creation of a specific basis for planning entail certain costs, which we would be happy to present to you in a quote.

We can assist you with plant renovations

  • On-site technical inspection.
  • Creation and recommendation of optimal maintenance processes based on your requirements and the current condition of your plant.
  • Identification of potential risks, damage and sources of disruption.
  • Structured inspections of the individual pieces of equipment.
  • Overhaul of your production plant according to a defined timetable and in defined stages.
  • Comprehensive project planning with resource planning.
  • Set-up of overhaul workspace and temporary spare part storage at your facilities.

The benefits of choosing Tool-Temp to carry out your revision work
When you choose to have revision work carried out by Tool-Temp, you are ensuring that the time frame for renovations is being used most effectively. You will be provided with a useful overview of the state of your plant and when a piece of equipment needs to be replaced. Having maintenance and overhaul work carried out ensures that you are better protected against interruptions in production and helps you to better estimate and plan for future expenses and investments in your production.

Do you need your revision and maintenance work to be completed within a defined period of time?
Do you want all your equipment overhauled within a defined period of time while your entire production system or sub-sections are out of action?

We can give you the help you need: From the evaluation of all equipment, recommendations for action, service kits and the correct repair parts/spare parts, maintenance and overhauling of the equipment to re-commissioning. Work together with us to plan maintenance for your inventory of equipment, to ensure that you can carry out the renovations according to plan and safely continue production thereafter.

Overhauls carried out by Tool-Temp in a nutshell:

  • Professional total overhaul of your equipment.
  • Clean and simple project planning.
  • Overhaul within a set time frame, based on your needs and tailored to your wishes.
  • On-site work and set-up of overhaul workspace at your facilities where possible.
  • Service by arrangement.

Following an overhaul or major repairs, it is recommended to have the equipment tested and put through its paces at our testing station in Sulgen.

Would you like the heat transfer medium to be replaced during an overhaul?
Would you like the oil heat transfer medium to be replaced? We’d be happy to do this for you, whether you require oil heat transfer medium or coolant.

Please note
If you wish to conclude a maintenance agreement for equipment that is more than 10 years old, the equipment first requires an overhaul.

Equipment health check

Would you like to have a well-used piece of equipment tested, so you can continue to use it with peace of mind? Then have your equipment put through a full range of tests at our performance testing station, which covers all processes.
You can arrange for us to carry out a ‘health check’ on equipment that has been used for a very long time. We can simulate all process conditions at our performance test stations. This will give you an in-depth understanding of the condition of your equipment and we can offer you suggestions for possible courses of action. You will receive a thorough report detailing which system components and wear parts need to be replaced.

Diagnosis testing station for your temperature controllers and coolers
At our own testing station at our site in Sulgen we can put your equipment through its paces, perform maintenance, and carry out any necessary overhaul work where required. Our testing station allows us to simulate your production processes and respond accordingly.

Resulting overhaul work
Based on the inspection and the tests, you can decide whether to opt for a simple repair, have wear parts replaced, have the unit completely overhauled, or acquire a new unit. Should you choose to have the equipment overhauled, we will replace the wear parts and defined components following consultation with you and based on the analysis, to ensure that you can continue production without any concerns. Following an in-house overhaul or major in-house repairs, it is recommended to have the equipment tested and put through its paces at our testing station in Sulgen.

Equipment ‘health check’ checklist

  • Equipment name and serial number.
  • Prevailing production conditions.
  • Production process.
  • Photos of the equipment’s actual condition.
  • Preferred time frame for the test.
  • Information regarding your request for transportation by us or delivery/collection by you.
  • Requirements: Please ensure that the equipment has been pre-cleaned prior to delivery. If this is not possible, we can carry out the cleaning for you at cost.

Do you need advice on maintenance and revision? Contact us.

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