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Planning and designing proper equipment performance

Do you want security in knowing that you have the right equipment set-up and that you have chosen the right units?
Tool-Temp can help you ensure that your temperature controller and cooler set-up is suitable for your production process. Or do you want a second opinion on your design? We help our customers to ensure that their temperature controllers and coolers are properly equipped. This gives you certainty in knowing that your plant design is correct and appropriate.

What can happen if the unit is not suitably equipped?
Here we make the distinction between e.g. oversizing or undersizing. In addition, the transfer medium that you had planned to use may not be suitable for the production process. We can offer you the help you need with regard to this and other design-related matters.

The most common indicators of a fault

  • Difficult to regulate – the process ‘overshoots’
  • Higher rejection rate
  • Higher energy consumption
  • Production faults

Possible effects

  • Significantly higher operating costs
  • Reduced quality
  • Falling production output

To ensure that we can advise you appropriately, we need you to provide us with the desired performance data and information about the production process used. We will then need to ask different questions depending on the process, which will enable us to help you ensure that the set-up of your equipment is suitable. We can offer help in the form of additional worksheets.

Our Customer Service Centre would be happy to advise you on this matter to help you achieve the correct equipment set-up. This gives you the security of knowing that you have the right piece of equipment for your production process.

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