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Service contract

Servicing Work & Service agreements

Would you like regular and ‘preventative’ maintenance for your inventory of equipment?
Safeguard production – with regularly maintained equipment. Thanks to the Tool-Temp servicing agreement you can prolong the operating time of your equipment and thus significantly reduce your actual operating costs. We provide suitable proactive maintenance, so that you can take care of production. Regular servicing provides you with better protection against costly production downtimes, extends the service life and operating time of your equipment and helps you to preserve value and protect your investment.

Make use of our servicing expertise to ensure that your equipment is ready for use
Your temperature control and cooling units will be examined, checked and, where required, restored to their optimal operating condition by our skilled servicing technicians, thereby helping you to avoid costly and unforeseen downtimes. Our servicing technicians apply their know-how and experience of in-house repairs and many successfully completed jobs to every service that they carry out. Use our know-how to benefit your company.

If you so wish, wear parts will also be predictively replaced during maintenance work and you will be provided with a report detailing the overall condition of your equipment. On the basis of our visit we can offer you recommendations for action in regard to any emerging defects. We know your processes and your inventory of equipment, and we will tailor our maintenance work accordingly in consultation with you. This will allow you to achieve perfect operation and a maximum service life for your equipment. During the annual check, we test all system-relevant components and replace any overused wear parts, so you can continue production with peace of mind.

Leave the management to us
We will coordinate and monitor all maintenance- and servicing-related measures and appointments. Our service team will ensure that the maintenance work is carried out according to the plan and schedule previously agreed with you. Maintenance agreements help you to minimise the amount of time you need to spend on planning and coordinating tasks, for example sending in equipment, planning maintenance, defining maintenance tasks for the piece of equipment in question, carrying out self-assessment for your inventory of equipment.

Maintenance costs are determined by the respective equipment type
The maintenance work that needs to be carried out is dependent on the particular type of temperature controller or water cooler in question. The work required is determined according to the equipment type and based on past experience. We would be happy to discuss this with you in greater detail.

You have the choice: Easy or Comfort

Choose between different servicing & maintenance models. We would be happy to advise you on this matter. If you would like a prior on-site consultation, please get in touch. We are happy to incorporate any special requirements you may have into either of our models.

Maintenance contract – Easy
The simple basic maintenance contract

  • Annual regular maintenance
  • On-site maintenance
  • Performance measurement and logging
  • Leak test of the process and cooling circuit
  • Wear parts – visible damage, are replaced and invoiced in the course of maintenance
  • Defective material: Will be charged according to effective expenditure. The exchange takes place after consultation and offer. Please note that in case of detected defects, the repair will usually be carried out at a later date. The maintenance contract type Easy does not cover this work. The subsequent work will be charged separately.
  • Defined start-up flat rate according to the maintenance contract.
  • One-time commissioning flat rate at a special price of CHF 600.00 when concluding a maintenance contract with new equipment.

* This maintenance contract Easy is only available for customers in the Swiss market

Maintenance contract – Comfort
The preventive maintenance contract that does the work for you

  • Preventive maintenance – the defined wear parts are replaced.
  • Automatic replacement of defective components: Repairs up to a material value of CHF 500.00 are carried out straightforwardly during maintenance and invoiced separately.
  • Annual, regular maintenance and inspection
  • On-site maintenance
  • Device diagnosis protocol
  • Performance measurement and logging
  • Leak test of the process and cooling circuit
  • Telephone support
  • Guaranteed response time in case of malfunction. The service technician arrives within the agreed response time.
  • Priority delivery service for spare parts.
  • Defined start-up flat rate according to maintenance contract.
  • One-time commissioning flat rate at a special price of CHF 600.00 when concluding a maintenance contract with new equipment.

* This maintenance contract Comfort is only available for customers in the Swiss market

Maintenance costs become predictable outlays
As the maintenance agreement is tailored to your needs, maintenance and servicing costs become predictable, calculable outlays thanks to agreed flat-rate maintenance fees. The maintenance work that is planned and carried out helps to reduce overall costs and offers better protection.

Flat-rate fees
Flat rate per day / flat rate per half day, incl. mileage – according to separate price list. The details will be laid out in the maintenance agreement covering your equipment. The flat-rate maintenance fees vary according to the piece of equipment in question. An overview will be provided in the offer for the maintenance agreement.

Overview of our services for both maintenance and servicing models

  • Each piece of equipment is inspected and serviced once a year. More frequent services – depending on your production process.
  • Service technician’s travel time.
  • On-site work carried out by the service technician.
  • Documentation of the servicing work carried out.
  • Written review of the serviced/repaired equipment.
  • List of replaced components.
  • List of replaced wear parts.

* This maintenance contract Easy is only available for customers in the Swiss market

Servicing and maintenance agreement term & details

  • The contract can be terminated free of charge at any time prior to automatic renewal, subject to a notice period of three months.
  • Unless terminated, the contract shall be automatically renewed each year.
  • The basic fees based on the maintenance agreement shall be invoiced on an annual basis when the contract begins/renews and must be paid within 30 days.
  • Before the contract is automatically extended, you will receive a letter in good time, reminding you of your right to ordinary termination without any resulting costs.

Additional repairs
It may be the case that maintenance work uncovers a defect that could lead to a breakdown. Defects that are not covered by the warranty shall be invoiced at cost. Depending on the selected model, this work will be either carried out then and there (Comfort Model), or carried out at a later date (Easy Model).

Not included in the costs
Not included in either of the models are costs of any overnight stays and evening meals during a job that spans several days. These costs shall be invoiced separately and do not form part of a quote.

Do you have questions about a service contract? Would you like advice and a quotation for your equipment fleet? We are at your disposal with pleasure.

Contact our service and maintenance specialists.

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