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Training & workshops – controlling temperature and cooling

Do you want to learn more about the topic ‘controlling temperature and cooling’? Do you want your maintenance employees to receive appropriate training on this subject?

We impart knowledge in a practical way. Benefit from 45 years of experience. We work with you, directly on the equipment.

We offer 2-day basic training courses for our temperature control and cooling units. Modules include: basic knowledge of temperature controlling or cooling technology, explanation of the functions and internal assemblies, equipment diagnosis and troubleshooting, hands-on work on the unit under expert instruction.

This enables the course participants to undertake the relevant aspects of maintenance work themselves. After completing this course, your employees will be able to assess the condition of the equipment and introduce appropriate measures. However, basic training will not enable them to carry out repairs to complex system components by themselves.

Training sessions – tailor-made for you

We can offer you customised training sessions, so that your employees can put specific equipment and plants into operation independently and carry out simple maintenance work themselves. We provide your employees with maintenance training relating to the specific equipment you use. This helps you to ensure that any temperature control or cooling-related issues within your production plant are handled in an appropriate and professional way.

After completing the training, your employee will have an understanding of all the important basic functions of the equipment used at your facilities. Your employee will them be able carry out the most vital basic servicing work themselves. Your employee will be able to make relevant adjustments to the equipment and read the parameters for the respective production process. When error messages occur, your employee will be able to respond correctly and introduce appropriate measures.


The individual modules

  • Temperature control and cooling theory.
  • Areas of application – industrial applications.
  • Explanation of basic functions and structure of temperature control and cooling systems.
  • Commissioning equipment in practice.
  • Maintenance and servicing work on the equipment.
  • Heat transfer medium – what you need to watch out for.
  • ‘Hands-on experience’ on the equipment.
  • Handling malfunctions & causes of failure.
  • In-depth topic – basic requirements.
  • Questions & answers.

Duration of training
The training course lasts 2 days and takes place at our site in Sulgen. The participants will be trained by various contact persons over the two days. In addition to the theory, the participant will also have plenty of time to ask questions and work on specific equipment.

The costs
The training costs are determined by the number of participants and depend on the specific in-depth knowledge that they wish to focus on. We would be happy to present you with a quote. The training costs cover our own expenses.

Company-specific training sessions – aligned with your production process
Upon request, we can adapt our training sessions to your needs. If you are looking for a specific type of training geared towards your inventory of equipment or individual types of equipment, we are happy to provide this. In this case, those participating in the training session will work on the equipment that they also come into contact with in the course of their job. It is also possible to have us carry out an equipment overhaul directly, combining this with a training session. We would be happy to discuss this with you in greater detail as part of a consultation.

Keep your know-how up to date

  • Do you want your own service personnel to provide first level support for the equipment?
  • Do you want to use your temperature controllers in the most optimal way?
  • Our Customer Service Centre would be happy to advise you in regard to any training-related queries you may have. Would you like to tackle a special topic? Please get in touch so we can discuss your options with you.

Important distinction
The participant cannot undertake repairs to the equipment themselves. It should be noted that tampering by third parties will result in the equipment’s warranty becoming null and void with immediate effect and no liability will be accepted for any damages that may occur.

Do you have a need for training in equipment maintenance?

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