Cooling units

Water-cooled system for low working temperatures with water glycol:from -25°C to +25°CTT-29'800 WK


  • Temperature range -25°C up to +25°C
  • Medium water
  • Cooling capacity 54 kW nominal
  • Pump capacity 140 l/min; max. 4.8 bar
  • Refrigerating agent R-404a
  • Ambient temperature up to +45°C


  • Self-optimizing temperature contrtoller with temperature display
    1/10°C – steps
  • Display in °C or °F and l/min or gal/min
  • Digital flow display and monitoring
  • Automatic or manual refill

Working principle

  • As soon as the water supply in the unit has reached the required temperature, the compressor switches off until the temperature rises again
  • The switch-on point can be programmed on the digital controller
  • The circulation pump continues to run continuously


  • Proven pump with mechanical seal
  • Long life expectancy due to the electronic control of the compressors operting time
  • All parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel or bronze
  • Unit on Castors

Safety features

  • Automatic level control with prewarning at low water level
  • Electronic temperature limitation and monitoring in the controller
  • Mechanical safety thermostats
  • Visual and acoustic fault indications
  • Integrated circuit breakers
  • Main switch, transformer and motor protection switch

Cooling capacity

Pump capacity

Product informationsTT-29'800 WK

ProductTT-29'800 WK
Temperature range°C-25°C to +25°C
   Ambient temperatures up to°C+45
Refrigerating agentR-404a
Heating capacitykW-
Content water tankl170
Coolin capacity nominalkW54
Pump system see diagram data sheetsCR5-7
   Pump pressure max.bar4.8
   Flow capacity max.l/min.140
   Flow capacity internal max.l/min.
Compressorhermatically sealed
Condenser air-cooled, water-cooled
Air volumem³/h-
Power consumption heating / cooling modekW-/15
   Measurement sensorPt-100
   Flow1" BS
   Return flow1" BS
   Automatic water refill3/8" BS
   Drain1/2" BS
   Cooling water in only if water-cooled1" BS
   Cooling water out only if water-cooled1" BS
Dimensions incl. castors, LxWxHmm1100x790x1660
Weight empty approx.kg390
Coloursilvergrey RAL 7001
Functions● standard/ ○ optional / - not possible
Flow control
Interface controller
Version without tank-