Pressurised Water Chillers

Powerful device with high functionalityTT-138 N

Moulds, double-walled vessels, small rollers


  • Maximum temperature 140°C
  • Medium water
  • Heating capacity
    24 kW
  • Cooling system indirect / direct
  • 85 kW @ 160°C indirect
  • 60 kW @ 60°C direct
  • Pump capacity 110 l/min; max. 5.0 bar


  • Self-optimizing temperature controller with temperature display
    1/10°C – steps
  • Display in °C to or °F and l/min or gal/min
  • Digital flow display and monitoring
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Switchover for temperature control on the mould
  • Heating switchable in stages
  • Heaters with cascade connection
  • Display of system and flow pressure
  • Automatic water filling
  • Automatic mould drainage with compressed air
  • Automatic air venting
  • Pressure relief
  • Leakstopper device – operation in pressure and vacuum mode possible


  • Proven pump with mechanical seal or magnetic coupling
  • With two cooling systems: indirect and direct cooling
  • Limescale free heat exchanger
  • Corrosion resistant device for a long service life
  • All parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel or bronze
  • Unit on castors

Safety features

  • Level control for dry run protection
  • Electronic temperature limitation and monitoring in the controller
  • Mechanical safety thermostats
  • Visual and acoustic fault indications
  • Integrated circuit breakers
  • Main switch, transformer and motor protection switch

Cooling capacity

Pump capacity

Product informationsTT-138 N

ProductTT-138 N
Temperature range°C140
Heat transfer mediumwater
Heating capacitykW24
Cooling systemindirect + direct
   Tubular heat exchangerkW70 @ 140 °C
   Plate heat exchangerkW
   DirectkW60 @ 60 °C
Pump system see diagram
   Typ N: 110 l/min; max 0.5 bar; motor 1.8 kW
   Typ B: 75 l/min; max 6.5 bar; motor 1.8 kW
   Typ P: 36 l/min; max 5.0 bar; motor 1.1 kW
   Typ W: 250 l/min; max 4.5 bar; motor 4.5 kW
   With booster pump-
   Suction capacity vakuummWS8
   Measurement typeFeKo Typ J
   Medium3/4" BS
   Cooling water1" BS
   Compressed air1/4" BS
Dimensions incl. castors, LxWxHmm1240x480x1400
Weight empty approx.kg180
Coloursilvergrey RAL 7001
Functions● standard/ ○ optional / - not possible
Flow control
Leakstopper device
Presure relief
Mould drain by comporessed air
Temperature control at the consumer
Interface controller
Automatic refill
Level control
Visual fault indications
Acoustic warning