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Special variants and special units

All our units and many other components are produced exclusively at our factory in Switzerland. All processes, from engineering to component manufacturing, assembly and testing are carried out under one roof. Our specialists work hand in hand, meaning that it only takes a few weeks to get from the initial idea to the finished product. Our catalogue comprises more than 60 different standard models which are produced in economical batches independent of their design size and kept in stock. Special units, small modifications and OEM machines can be integrated into our series production, allowing these too to be produced economically.

Our units can be adapted to your specific needs:

  • Special electrical configurations
  • Digital interfaces to production control stations
  • Hydraulics optimised to your application
  • Special coatings

Discuss your requirements with our specialists. We will be happy to work with you to develop and produce a custom unit.

Special variants - no long lead times

Cables and wires are produced before electrical installation work is carried out. Cutting, fitting connectors and labelling is done using a fully automatic process to enable maximum efficiency in preparing electrical assemblies. Our electrical assembly section produces all control cabinets in series production.

Units can be specially fitted with things such as terminal alarms, additional timers and external functions. Electrical schematic drawings of OEM machines are produced in house. And because we produce our own wires and cables, an initial device layout can be defined very quickly.

For connections to production control systems, our controllers support digital interfaces such as Profibus, Profinet, CAN Bus RS-482, Current Loop, RS-232. The units can therefore be externally controlled and monitored.

The clever plug and play principle makes integration into the customer’s local control system extremely easy.

Components such heat exchangers, tanks, registers, floats and all piping are produced using our modern production machinery at our factory. We use a variety of different welding techniques on different components. Wherever possible we make use of our state-of-the-art welding robots and orbital welding system to ensure maximum quality.

Thanks to these modern systems and our well trained personnel, we can produce special units efficiently and with the highest degree of precision.

  • Separate connections for cooling water and filling
  • Additional heat exchanger for even better cool capacity
  • Units without a cooler

We have a fully automated powder-coating machine for applying powder coatings. Alongside our RAL 7001 standard finish, we can also provide special coatings such as high-temperature resistant paints for pipes, tanks and registers. More than 6,000 parts pass through our fully automated system each month.
Thanks to the high level of automation, we can flexibly adapt to meet your requirements whilst guaranteeing a constant level of quality.