Tool-Temp devices strengthen core competence of Sidrag AG

Tool-Temp AG spoke with Eugen Vigini, Managing Director, and Luis Gil, Foundry Manager, about the temperature control of casting tools. The challenges in the production process and developments in the industry were also discussed.

Sidrag AG is known as an experienced supplier for small and medium series in Switzerland. Based in Baar, Switzerland, they have been successfully producing die-cast components made of aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloys from a single source for many years. In 1998, the range was expanded to include the multifaceted material magnesium. Sidrag AG was honoured with the Innovation Award by the Canton of Zug for this successful pioneering achievement. Sidrag AG is characterised by outstanding quality, flexibility, short response times and just-in-time deliveries. In addition, the company takes care of the entire implementation of the value chain for the components in question.


The experienced supplier Sidrag AG has been one of Tool-Temp’s valued customers for more than 25 years. Over 13 temperature control units are in daily use in the die casting foundry. “Simplicity, trouble-free, user-friendly, the units are optimally integrated into the manufacturing process” says Luis Guil, Foundry Manager at Sidrag AG.

Tool-Temp devices optimise and stabilise the manufacturing process for Sidrag’s most important industrial sectors, such as medical technology, measurement technology, optics, the construction supply industry, sensor technology, and the electrical and electronics sectors. An extremely positive development has been seen in recent years in lightweight construction, namely optics and medical technology.

Mega- or gigacasting – the production of oversized die-cast parts – is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry, especially in vehicle body construction. However, this does not affect Sidrag, which specialises in the production of small and medium series outside of the highly competitive automotive sector. The focus lies on the development and optimisation of the classic casting cell. Throughout the casting process, the equipment is networked with peripheral devices, resulting in increased automation. This substantially increases productivity, reduces costs and creates a 30 % higher degree of staff independence so that freed-up time can be used elsewhere. Another advantage of a higher degree of automation is more consistent production processes with optimised cycle times, less waste and thus a high quality standard.

TT-388/2 equipped with time switches and other additional features according to customer requirements

Sidrag AG uses very small die-casting moulds with sizes from 200 x 200 x 200 mm to 800 x 800 x 800 mm. Parts with weights of 3 – 4 g up to max. 3 – 4 kg are produced. The units are used for tempering mould inserts, mould frames, slides and nozzles.

Sidrag’s challenge and core competence is its huge knowledge in the casting process and the processing of aluminium, zinc and magnesium. Sidrag is particularly challenged in the production of magnesium components; this is because liquid magnesium with a melt temperature of 650 °C hardens twice as fast as aluminium and therefore requires a high flow rate. In order to achieve stable temperature control and good heat dissipation, it is essential to have higher mould temperatures and the largest possible mould channels to optimise flow. Therefore, eight 2-circuit oil temperature control units from Tool-Temp are used on several die casting machines. From different device generations, the TT-370/2, TT-380/2 to TT-388/2 perform at the highest level at continuous temperatures of 240 to 280 °C. The powerful and high-quality 2-circuit units guarantee stable temperature control and trouble-free continuous operation, even under tough everyday conditions, especially in the die-casting industry. The easy application of the units and their usability are appreciated by the employees. The equipment, which is fitted with time switches at the customer’s request, in addition to various other additional features, ensures an even greater user-friendliness. Thanks to the pre-programmed, autonomous unit start, the heating process is already complete by the beginning of the shift.

Tool-Temp offers customised solutions to optimise production processes. Especially for Sidrag’s magnesium application, five TT-168 E/PHE temperature control units were modified for operation with heat transfer oils. Here, only nozzles and individual slides are cooled between 20 – 40 °C. Due to the high melting temperatures of the magnesium of 620 – 640 °C, a very high cooling capacity is required to dissipate the heat.

Tool-Temp supports its customers with comprehensive services from a single source. Sidrag AG is also very satisfied with the services, which fully meet their expectations. Particularly important are the short delivery routes, the permanent availability of spare parts with fast delivery times, as well as the fast response times with customised support and solution proposals.

“The geographical location of the company, the highly competent contacts who are available to us whenever we need them, either in the sales, service or spares departments had been instrumental in our long standing supplier customer relationship which continues to this day. The high quality materials and the experience with Tool-Temp equipment is unrivalled”, concluded Luis Gil.

Dominic Roth, Area Sales Manager of Tool-Temp AG in conversation with Luis Gil, Foundry Manager of Sidrag AG
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