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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • Our Mission
    We place our customers at the centre of our corporate philosophy, as well as in the development, manufacture and distribution of our product solutions. In combination with our unique service culture, we guarantee substantial added value for the customer.

  • We act with responsibility
    We are and act quality-conscious: we think smart, produce sustainably and we build precise and robust devices. We are and act competently: our solutions are solid, we act innovatively and think customer-centred, we are customer-friendly.

  • Our Vision
    As a global supplier of temperature control and cooling technology, Tool-Temp stands for top-quality products and unrivalled service. Tool-Temp represents the highest Swiss precision and competence on the international market. We are internationally oriented. We think about the future, we think long-term, we are service-oriented and we act flexibly and agile.

  • Commitment to Switzerland as a production location
    As a family-run company, it is a major concern to be able to produce here in Switzerland. We know about the value and importance of jobs in manufacturing and production. We offer jobs in the area of ‘highly qualified’. We offer jobs that do not require high qualifications. The proximity to our own production facilities is very important to us in order to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements. We appreciate the proximity to local suppliers and to suppliers in Europe.

  • The Tool-Temp brand story – our brand promise
    Tool-Temp has been the international reference for temperature control and cooling technology for over 45 years. We offer an excellent service for our products, over generations, if it should ever become necessary.