Quality and reliability for generations

Our work has always focused on the quality and reliability of your Tool-Temp equipment. Therefore we manufacture the key components ourselves or at least participate in their development. Only in this way can we have a decisive influence on the quality of the components.

With this philosophy in mind, we produce maintenance-free and service-friendly devices that enable you to achieve high-precision temperature control. Our commitment to quality also includes logical operation and ease of repair. This enables us to keep your purchase and operating costs low.

Over the past two generations, we have built up a dense distribution and service network throughout the world, with many of our branches being established since 2002. This evolution goes hand in hand with permanent investment in our operating resources. Today, we can assist you with highly qualified professionals who have sound expertise in your Tool-Temp products.

With our quick repair, and spare parts service, and well-stocked warehouses, we’re on hand to help at any time – no matter what you manufacture, where your production plants are located, what language you speak and when you need us. Technical advice and troubleshooting assistance is also one of our top priorities.

"A lot has changed since our foundation in 1973. Only one thing has not changed: You and your wishes are still the centre of our everyday life, day after day. 
That is why we set the bar ambitiously high - on your satisfaction."

Jasmine Koller, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The founder – Mr. Jürg Koller

The joy and curiosity to travel to new countries, to discover distant cultures but also the ambition to make a Swiss product known far away from home made the founder of Tool-Temp, Jürg Koller, dare to start his own business in 1973. The founder put a lot of time and energy into the development of the distribution network. Building and maintaining long-term relationships was very important to him. In doing so, he trusted in personal responsibility and also gave young business partners a chance. In this way, many long-standing relationships characterised by friendship developed.

Jürg Koller was always driven by new ideas and goals, which he pursued uncompromisingly and sometimes swam against the current. Jürg Koller consistently pursued this basic idea in the development of his devices, which are robust, trouble-free and easy to maintain worldwide. He consciously relied on a high standard of production expansion and was convinced of the success of a high vertical range of manufacture. The success proved the freedom-loving founder right and so he was able to hand over the management of this successful company to the second generation in 2015. Happy to have more time for his hobbies, Jürg Koller is always on the road to explore new places.


  • 1973 Foundation of the company

    Company founded as Koller & Co. Mechanische Werkstätte, production in Speicher AR.
  • 1974 Development of the first temperature control unit

    The first temperature control unit on the market equipped with a simple electronic temperature monitoring system.
  • 1975 Relocation of the company to Roggwil – Thurgau

    In the following years the first water cooling unit is developed.
  • 1986 New location in Romanshorn

    Purchase of a property in Romanshorn and move from Roggwil to the new location.
  • 1997 Additional production halls

    Purchase of an adjacent plot of land of approx. 10’000 m² with two further halls in Romanshorn.
  • 2001 Relocation of the whole company to Sulgen

    Move of the whole company and production to Sulgen.
  • 2002 Foundation of first Tool-Temp foreign companies

    In various European countries there is a need for local Tool-Temp subsidiaries.

    Foundation of Tool-Temp England
    Foundation of Tool-Temp Germany North
    Foundation of Tool-Temp Italy
  • 2002 Start of production at the new location

    Installation of the production lines. Start of production in the new building in Sulgen.