Tool-Temp website shines with a fresh new look!

Last year, Tool-Temp AG, located in Sulgen, Switzerland, celebrated its 50th anniversary. This significant milestone, along with recent structural changes, provided the perfect opportunity to modernise the company's website. 

Working closely with creative professionals, a new design and fresh content were developed for the website relaunch, aiming to elevate user experience and functionality to a new level. 

A key highlight is the simplified search for the right device for site visitors. With product filters, customers can easily find the ideal unit based on their needs, and the customizable table view allows for straightforward comparison of technical specifications and requirements. 

The company's global presence is underscored by dedicated location sub-pages for its 16 branches. Additionally, the newly integrated contact button enables visitors worldwide to reach the appropriate sales and customer service representatives directly. This contact button is accessible on every page, facilitating quick and easy communication. Additional features are in development and will be rolled out soon.

"With the launch of our new MATIC product line, we also wanted to advance our website," explains Jasmine Koller, CEO of Tool-Temp. "We are presenting ourselves online with a fresh look, but we remain true to our values and maintain our strong brand recognition. The updates to our website reflect our company's transformation and the expansion of our product portfolio."