Tool-Temp US Inc. in Concord

The Tool-Temp branch in the United States in Concord, North Carolina, has been active since 2015. 

Our experienced US team is dedicated to offering expert guidance and assisting you throughout your projects, from conception to completion. We excel in delivering first-rate service and serving as your preferred partner also for customized solutions tailored to specialized applications. 

With the substantial local inventory, we guarantee swift delivery of all equipment and spare parts, and we also provide the option to use our test units. 

The Tool-Temp Inc. team looks forward to collaborating with you on your upcoming project!


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Tool-Temp US Inc.

7120 Weddington Rd NW STE 180
US-Concord, NC 28027

Phone: +1 704 918 4402

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Chris Shannon

General Manager / Sales

+1 704 918 4402

James Bailey

Customer Service

+1 704 918 4402