EJOT Schweiz AG - for the highest quality standards with Tool-Temp units

The specialist for fastening and plastics technology offers a wide range of innovative fasteners and injection-moulded plastic parts, which are used in both industry and the construction sector. In the field of fastening technology, we mainly produce thread-forming screws for plastics and metal, while in the construction sector our product range is supplemented by a complete programme for fastening the outer shell of buildings. The 102-year history of EJOT, with its headquarters in Bad Berleburg, Germany, mainly supplies customers from the automotive industry and its suppliers, the electrical and electronics industry, as well as the construction industry. With a workforce of over 4,500 employees in 36 countries, EJOT ensures that its customers are supplied with the highest quality products and services according to their requirements. In order to meet the exceptionally high-quality standards, EJOT Schweiz AG relies on Tool-Temp devices.


1. How is EJOT responding to current economic, technological and societal developments, particularly in relation to the "EJOT 2025" project?

A key element of the EJOT strategy is the increased focus on globalisation and digitalisation. We will be expanding our activities in both the American and Far Eastern economic regions. We are sharing processes with our colleagues around the world to promote standardisation, growth and profitability. In addition to operational integration, we are also focusing on cultural aspects and working to leverage the full potential of our distinctive strengths.

2. Have there been any changes in the EJOT product range in recent years?

The current focus lies on the combination of new products, taking into account their recyclability and the use of recycled raw materials. Furthermore, the virtual product and process design, highest degree of automation and increased energy efficiency are all part of the company's strategy. Another key focus is on closed material cycles, the consistent avoidance of waste and the use of sustainable energy.


3. To which extent does precise temperature control impact the quality of your products?

To ensure the highest quality and process reliability, it is crucial to control and monitor all system parameters. The devices from Tool-Temp enable us to fulfil the high-quality requirements of our customers. For instance, precise temperature control is vital for the thin-wall technology process.

Source: Dünnwandtechnik der EJOT Schweiz AG

4. In which way are Tool-Temp devices simplifying your production process?

Precise temperature control in moulds is essential for the production of precise and high-quality plastic injection moulded parts. For this purpose, EJOT Schweiz AG uses the temperature control units from Tool-Temp, among others. Their precise temperature control and user-friendly operation allow seamless and high-quality production processes. Thanks to their reliability and efficiency, they guarantee an uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of our production lines.


5. Is there any particular time or phase when the Tool-Temp devices are especially crucial in terms of smooth operation?

For the manufacture of our high-quality products, we rely on both temperature control units and cooling units from Tool-Temp. Their high availability, reliability and precise temperature control promote smooth production processes and help to ensure exact and reproducible product quality.


6. Would you like to add anything else about your experience with the Tool-Temp temperature control and cooling units?

The choice of local suppliers is particularly important to us. Local closeness with short response times and excellent partnership-based cooperation at a high technical level create added value and are a market advantage that should not be underestimated. This is also highly valued by our customers and ultimately leads to long-term business relationships.


Tool-Temp chiller TT-14'500 H