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We keep your industry at the right temperature! Since 1973, we have specialized in producing temperature control and cooling units tailored for the manufacturing sector. Whether you work with plastics, in metal casting, in the rubber industry, in printing or laminating, in the chemical and pharma industries, or even in the food sector: We ensure you have the optimal temperature – we offer more than 60 standard models and numerous customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our extensive portfolio includes temperature control units, process thermostats and cooling units / chillers.











That's why Tool-Temp!

We are experienced

We have been producing temperature control and cooling units for the manufacturing industry since 1973. From plastics processing to metal die-casting and food production, we offer customised solutions for your temperature control and cooling processes - tailored precisely to your needs.

We are Swiss quality

As a second-generation family business, Tool-Temp produces all its equipment in Sulgen, Switzerland. The in-house production of key components enables the manufacture of low-maintenance and service-friendly devices for high-precision temperature control. Our approach to user-friendliness and ease of use contributes to long-term cost efficiency and optimisation of your operations.

We are innovative

The MATIC product line and the IRIS control system from Tool-Temp offer an innovative solution for process temperature control. IRIS enables connectivity, easy handling and future-orientated communication. Tool-Temp continuously develops and optimises for you.

We are global

Thanks to our worldwide network of 16 branches and numerous agencies, we are available to you anytime and anywhere. Our fast repair and spare parts service and well-equipped equipment warehouses ensure that we can help you at any time - regardless of your location.

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