Universal Units

MATIC Duo 90/150 9 E


  • Temperatura máxima 90°C agua
  • Temperatura máxima 150°C aceite
  • Capacidad de calentamiento 9 kW agua
  • Capacidad de calentamiento 3 kW aceite
  • Capacidad de refrigeración 35 kW @ 90°C
  • Capacidad de refrigeración 7 kW @ 150 °C
  • Sistema de refrigeración indirecto

Robust Mechanical Design

  • Tin-bronze submersible pump
  • Calcification-free heat exchanger
  • Fully immersed heaters made of high-temperature corrosion-free Nickel alloy (Incoloy 800)
  • Maintenance-free flow meter
  • Stainless-steel solid piping


  • IRIS control system
  • Pt100 temperature sensors in feed and return lines
  • Heater control by solid-state relays
  • Variable-speed pump with automatic eco-mode
  • Automatic filling (when operated with water)
  • Mould evacuation
  • Leakstop operating mode

Predictive Maintenance

  • Continuous monitoring and self-diagnosis of the system
  • Clear indication and description of errors
  • Condition monitoring of the heat-transfer fluid (oil)
  • Condition monitoring of the pump (coming soon)


  • Redundant, mechanical temperature limiter
  • Pump motor monitored by the variable
    frequency drive
  • Configurable safeguard limits and corresponding reactions
  • Configurable audible alarm


  • Industrial-grade, tiltable 7″ IPS touch-screen
  • Intuitive user interface for commissioning and operation
  • Broad range of connectivity features (see page 3) including external temperature sensor
  • Automatic actions for common operations
  • User-defined time-resolved recipes