Cooling units

Closed cold water circuit without cooling compressor - 300 kWTT-300'000

Ideal addition to the extension of a refrigeration plant


  • Temperature range +10°C to +15°C
  • Medium water
  • Cooling capacity 300 kW nominal
  • Internal circuit approx. 600 l/min

Working principle

  • The unit is equipped with two stainless steel heat exchangers
    placed laterally
  • Four high-performance fans on the top of the unit generate
    an air flow through the heat exchangers
  • The cold ambient air circulates through the heat exchangers and detract heat out of the process water
  • The air is blown out on top of the unit by the fans
  • A suction tank is installed before the pump it guarantees a problem free working of the unit and prevents the pump from dry run

Advantages of a closed cooling tower

  • On contrary to an open cooling tower there is no cooling
    water consumption
  • The close system also prevents the cooling water circuit
    from being soiled
  • The water temperature depends on the ambient air temperature
  • Therefore the reachable temperature of the circulating water is approx. 10°C – 15°C higher than the air temperature


  • The heat exchangers and die pipe work are completely manufctured from stainless steel
  • Separate control panel for inside use
  • The max. air temperature until the dry cooling tower should run is adjustable on the upper controlling instrument

Cooling capacity

Pump capacity

Product informationsTT-300'000

Temperature range°C+10°C to +15°C
   Ambient temperatures up to°C-
Refrigerating agent-
Heating capacitykW-
Content water tankl-
Coolin capacity nominalkW300
Pump system see diagram data sheetsCR32-3
   Pump pressure
   Flow capacity max.l/min.600
   Flow capacity internal max.l/min.
Condenser air-cooled, water-cooled
Air volumem³/h4 x 8'000
Power consumption heating / cooling modekW6.8
   Measurement sensorPt-100
   Flow3" BS
   Return flow3" BS
   Automatic water refill-
   Drain1" BS
   Cooling water in only if water-cooled-
   Cooling water out only if water-cooled-
Dimensions incl. castors, LxWxHmm3350x1300x2090
Weight empty approx.kg1400
Coloursilvergrey RAL 7001
Functions● standard/ ○ optional / - not possible
Flow control-
Interface controller
Version without tank-