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Sophisticated temperature control units and cooling systems from Tool-Temp

A temperature control unit is a peripheral device which, as part of a production system, takes over the temperature control (heating, cooling or holding) of a medium for the manufacturing and production process.

Temperature control units can be categorised into two groups according to the medium used. Temperature control units for operation with water have a maximum working temperature of 90°C for open tank constructions and 160°C for pressurised water systems, depending on their design. If the medium oil is used, a maximum working temperature of 360°C can be used. In addition to the temperature control medium, the heating and cooling units can also be divided into two groups according to their cooling system. A distinction is made between directly and indirectly cooled units.

We divide our product range of Tool-Temp temperature control and cooling units into five groups:

In addition to the standard range, we also offer customised designs to suit your production process.

Common to all temperature control units is that they convey the water or oil to the consumer at a temperature set on the controller. There the carrier medium transfers the heat or cold as energy. The pump installed in the unit conveys the medium in a closed circuit back to the unit tank, where the medium is treated accordingly.

In addition to the heating function, cooling plays a decisive role in temperature control units so that the desired temperature can be precisely controlled. The aim of a temperature control unit is to supply the set target temperature to the production process and to keep it constant. A defined temperature curve (temperature cycle) is often followed for a specific production process. While the heating of the units is always electrically controlled, there are two variants of direct and indirect cooling for water units, depending on the intended application. For universal devices, which can have both water and oil as medium, only the indirect cooling variant is used. The cooling water is fed into a heat exchanger and the process medium is indirectly cooled. Tool-Temp uses different heat exchangers depending on the model of the unit. Many of the heat exchangers used are self-produced and are optimally matched to the units in terms of design and materials.