Tool-Temp on the K-2022 Conclusion

Tool-Temp draws a positive conclusion from K 2022

2,037 companies exhibited their products at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center from October 19 to 26. 176,000 trade visitors from all over the world attended the most important industry event in the plastics and rubber industry. During these eight days of the fair, very good contacts were again made and many existing business relationships were cultivated.

Tool-Temp AG took the opportunity to present its first temperature control units from the new MATIC product line. How this new MATIC line of temperature control units covers all the needs of a production environment with digital networking was explained to numerous visitors to the booth. Tool-Temps Chief Sales Officer, Marco Pellegrino explains: “Also this year the “K” fair was a very important and successful fair for us. Once again, it became clear how great the need for smart and intelligent temperature control and cooling solutions is. Our entire product portfolio, was very well received by the many trade visitors.”

“The extremely positive response of the trade fair visitors once again exceeded our expectations and encourages us to continue investing in our innovative temperature control and cooling equipment, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers,” Marco Pellegrino concluded.

Tool-Temp at the K-2022

Tool-Temp presents the new smart and intelligent temperature control units from the product line MATIC

At this year's K-Show 2022 from 19 - 26 October 2022 in Düsseldorf, the Swiss manufacturer Tool-Temp AG will present the first temperature control units of the new MATIC product line.

Temperature control has a great influence on your product quality, productivity, energy efficiency and your production costs. The product line MATIC with its control system IRIS has been specifically developed to provide you with optimum support in all these areas. The devices are characterised by their ease of operation and a predictive control system that adapts automatically to the circumstances.

With the new IRIS controller, Tool-Temp offers a smart and intelligent solution for all types of process temperature control. The user can expect simple operation, at the same time a state-of-the-art communication and interface solution that is geared towards the future.

All data such as temperatures, pressures, flow rates, operating conditions, status messages, diagram and historical data are available to you in the controller. IRIS continuously informs, reports and optimises the operation of your temperature control unit.

In addition to the touch screen operation remote access is possible. Using a terminal device such as a phone, tablet or PC, you can access the web server integrated in the controller via a web browser. The connection is made via LAN cable or via the WLAN adapter integrated in the controller. The operation does not differ in any way from manual operation.

The model-based algorithms continuously summarise all available data and compare it with the current information. This constant adaptation enables the overall system to ensure optimal, uninterrupted and reliable temperature and flow control, as well as reliable monitoring of the process.

The main features of the MATIC temperature control units:

  • Easy to use
  • Modular design
  • Predefined actions and individually configurable recipes
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Connectivity
  • Ecological control system

Easy to use – with high user comfort

The new MATIC temperature control units and the integrated IRIS controller is easy and intuitive to operate due to the flat menu structure. The clear and high-contrast definition on the 7″ screen ensures that the controller is visible even in difficult lighting conditions.

Easily expandable in a modular way – also in the field – also in the future

The central control system is provided by input-output modules connected via a fast CAN bus system, to which the sensors and actuators are connected. IRIS can therefore adapt to the complexity of the device. Communication with the outside world is also expandable by additional modules, these can be connected to a second CAN bus in the field and by the customer.

Predefined actions and individually configurable recipes

Fully automated partial steps and entire production recipes can be stored and saved. The MATIC temperature control unit can be easily set. Thanks to flexibly configurable recipes, relevant production parameters for the required production process can be stored and individual processes can be controlled and regulated. All work steps such as mould changes are carried out automatically by the unit. Manual execution of several consecutive steps is no longer necessary, a single click is sufficient, helping to improve efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance

IRIS has self-diagnosis algorithms and performs plausibility checks on sensor readings. Conditions such as cavitation, water in the oil or a consumer that is too large are detected and a message with a recommendation for action is issued to the user.

Connectivity – OPC-UA

The new controller offers a multitude of connectivity. OPC-UA available as standard along with terminal devices such as a phone, tablet or PC. The user can access the interface via a web browser, LAN cable or WiFi integrated in the controller.

Economic control system – focus on energy saving

IRIS follows the economical idea and regulates energy efficiently in every respect. The system succeeds in keeping the energy balance low by only switching the heating or cooling for control. This is achieved without any loss of control accuracy. The MATIC range are all equipped with a speed-controlled pump and a 24V DC control. The controller only draws as much pump power as is needed for the process and optimises the energy consumption of the unit. The availability of all sensor information makes it possible to coordinate the control of pressure, flow and temperature. The pump capacity is infinitely adjustable and the unit has an automatic eco mode.

The MATIC unit line is divided into the following product groups

  • MATIC Duo
    Water up to 90°C
    Oil up to 150°C
  • MATIC Water
    Water up to 90°C
    Pressurised water up to 160°C
  • MATIC Oil
    Oil up to 360°C

The market launch

The new MATIC temperature control units will be presented to the trade public for the first time at the stand H25 in Hall 11 at the K-Show 2022. The first models of the MATIC product range are scheduled to be available for ordering in the second half of 2023. We look forward to welcoming you all on the stand at the K-Show.

Tool-Temp US, Inc. website release

We are proud to present you the Tool-Temp US, Inc. website

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to a brand

In the last decade we have developed into a name known worldwide. All over the world, Tool-Temp stands for intelligent and advanced temperature control and cooling technology, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. In other words: We have blossomed into a brand. Just like our products, we want it to remain in line with the latest trends.

We have therefore decided to reposition Tool-Temp and fundamentally revise our image in 2019.


The result is impressive – today’s Tool-Temp brand embodies our core values of competence, quality awareness and international orientation. We have given the logo and the entire typography a self-image that does justice to the stature of a global brand. Our colour scheme not only reflects everything hot and cold, but also our Swiss origins. Finally, with the new visual concept we are focusing on what keeps us on the road to success – our customers, our employees, our products and our know-how.


A brand that moves with the times is a brand that moves with you. Because innovations and intelligent yet affordable solutions are the result of the wishes and needs of ambitious customers like you. And from competent creators like us. With the Tool-Temp brand, we want to be at your side for many years to come – hopefully well beyond our generation.

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